Features - Performance

Revotron 1.2L 3 Cylinder Petrol Engine

1.2L 3 cylinder Revotron petrol engine delivering 85ps power and 114Nm torque .

Revotorq 1.05L 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine

1.05L 3 cylinder Revotorq diesel engine delivering 70ps power and 140Nm torque .

Advanced A.M.T.

Advanced AMT for the most convenient clutch pedal- free driving experience .

  • Creep function: Drive easy in stop and go traffic
  • Sports mode: For sheer performance
  • Shift Assist Manual Mode : Easily select the best gear to drive in.

Multi Drive Modes

Experience power of 2 engines in 1 . City and Eco - Manual transmission , City & Sports - Advanced AMT . Designed to deliver superior fuel economy and peppy drive experience whenever needed .